Never Not Napping Club

I’m just as happy to announce the first international chapter of the Never Not Crying Club!

Here in the Mojave Desert chihuahuas are plentiful, however, that doesn’t mean people don’t need to be more educated about how to approach, treat, and care for these little creatures.

When we first got GNOME! I googled “how much do chihuahuas sleep?” more times than I can recall. On average, chihuahuas sleep 12 to 14 hours per day. However, even 18 hours is not considered abnormal for this breed.

Whether you’re a chihuahua, suffer from narcolepsy, or just love a good afternoon nap, this shirt is for you! The shirt features pictures I drew of my dog GNOME!

Click HERE to pre-order your NNCC shirt and receive a $5 discount with the code GNOME

Pre-order ends May 1 and will be shipped to you on or before May 10. These are short sleeve t-shirts, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, classic fit and come in sizes S – 3XL. Nate is wearing a size L in these photos.

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