August Newsletter


Hi, friends!

Late summer always feels like a busy time as we fill our days with as much sunshine and ice cream as we can. What have you been up to this season? 

The high desert seems to slow down during these months while everywhere else kicks into high gear. When I returned from Europe I was met with 115 degree days and southern wildfires blowing smoke our way (photo below.) Earthquakes, 115+ degree days, and wildfires – all new territory for me.

As I experienced and learned from those around me, people go into a sort of reverse hibernation here during these times. I’m looking forward to everyone, myself included, becoming more social creatures. Events will start to pick up, and now that we have a dining room table we’ll be able to host friends for dinner ourselves.

Come on out for a visit and we’ll host you, too!

XOXO Court


Continued Interest in Maps 

I’ve taken my love of maps to the next level. You can look back to my fascination with Google MapsDutch land reclamation, and even my experience crossing borders.

Now I’m starting to create new work based on this obsession. I wrote all about this project HERE, so click through to read and see more!

Adjusted Google Maps.


Upcoming Show in NYC

I’m excited to announce that I will have work in an upcoming show in New York City! The show is called American Dream, room 2018 and it is a short-term exhibit in lower Manhattan – right across the street from the New Museum.
Official marketing, website, and announcement are forthcoming, but if you live in the NYC area, mark your calendars and please head to the show if you can! I’ll have a lot of resin pieces, some sculpture, and works on paper.

Show info below:

The American Dream, Room 2018
September 20-23
208 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
Time: 9am – 9pm


Some Things to Share

Clockwise from top left:

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