September Newsletter



I’ve been feeling very nostalgiac since I last wrote, and I suppose with the end of summer and my first cold of the season, I’m excited to embrace a new way of life this fall. 

I visited the east coast over Labor Day weekend – a couple nights in NYC, a friend’s beautiful wedding in Vermont, and a short evening in Boston. That trip definitely fed into my feelings of nostalgia.

It was such a short but great opportunity to see so many people I love and miss dearly. Apologies if I didn’t see you, but to those I did, I wish we had more time. It also reminded me of why I love the east coast so much. Driving through New England was beautiful, refreshing, and grounding.

I’m looking forward to a little work in the deserts of Nevada this month, some new visitors to come to Joshua Tree later in the fall, and some creative unveilings and events!

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Upcoming Exhibition

I’m excited to have some of my work included in an upcoming exhibition in New York City. The American Dream Room 2018 is a temporary installation by artist Pia Sawhney and will be on display September 20-23.

RSVP for a free ticket – opening night will feature music, drinks, and art – of course! Follow the link to reserve your spot…

The American Dream Room 2018
September 20-23
208 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
Time: 9am – 9pm


The Borders Obsession Continues…

Two pieces that I think are important:

One is a short stop-motion film by Norman McLaren titled Neighbours created in 1952, and the other is an Atlantic piece about a US/Canada border dispute.

I continue to be interested in (and horrified by) what is happening at our borders, mainly our southern border. I am also deeply concerned about how we treat each other in this country. These pieces speak to both of those things. Watch both HERE or the Neighbors film below.

Some Things to Share

Clockwise from top left:

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