Koons Loves to Pose and I Have Whatever Writers Block is for Visual Artists

My interpretation of Koons’ Play-Doh sculpture

I’ve been tying up loose ends with old projects and now that I’m feeling good about those, I’m stuck with how to move forward and what to do next. When that’s the case, I look to the internet for inspiration – art blogs, gallery websites, and deep dives into artist websites.

Often this ends in digital collage exercises where I explore new themes and practice my visual recall, composition skills and usually touch on something political or culturally relevant.

Now I don’t know how I landed on Koons, but man was that a rabbit hole and holy shit does that man love to pose with his work.

Nothing else to say about this right now, but take a look at some things that came out of this rabbit hole. Do you think he wonders why people hate him? I don’t.

My interpretation of Koons’ Lobster and Popeye
My interpretation of Koons’ Hulk

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