Sex Ed

Mailed to Tom Butler, Alabama senator (R)

These postcards are being mailed to Alabama senators who voted for the recent abortion ban bill. They are no more informed about sexual and reproductive health than your average 14 year old.

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Mailed to Del Marsh, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Kay Ivey, Alabama Governor
Mailed to Jabo Waggoner, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Sam Givhan, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Tim Melson, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Clay Scofield, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Garlan Gudger, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Jim McClendon, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Greg Reed, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Arthur Orr, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Andrew Jones, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Steve Livingston, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Cam Ward, Alabama senator (R)
Mailed to Larry Stutts, Alabama senator (R)

Real questions from teens about sex ed:

  • “How big does a penis have to be before it gets too big and causes health problems?”
  • “Is it normal for one testicle to be larger than the other three?”
  • “How does sex feel?”
  • “When a guy fingers you does it break the hymen? Like will blood come out?”
  • “When should I loose my V-CARD?”
  • “Can you get pregnant off a blow job?”
  • “How bad is it to swallow sperm?”
  • “How common are blow jobs and how expected is that of girls? (How ridiculous are you if you say no?)”
  • “Is it possible to get a woman pregnant if you have sperm in your mouth and you go down on them?”
  • “What is the point of anal sex?”
  • “Is anal sex bad for your insides?”
  • “If u have butt sex and someone cums in ur butt + u fart wat happens?”
  • “Can a woman’s hymen blood get in the penis?”
  • “Do anal sex cause incontinence?”
  • “Is it possible to get an erection from watching a TV show or a movie?”
  • “Why does a man have to have an erection in order to have sex? Couldn’t a woman just stuff it in?”
  • “What would happen if your penis was un-erect and stuffed into a chick’s vagina? would it ejaculate? What is an Alaskan pipeline?”
  • “Why does your dick stop getting hard when you skeet?”
  • “What’s an orgasm?”
  • “How do you squirt?”
  • “Can girls ejaculate sperm?”
  • “The 1st time you have sex, can you get pregnant?”
  • “Is it possible to get pregnant if a guy and a girl are in a pool together?”
  • “Can a man get pregnant?”
  • “If a man does get pregnant does the baby live? And how does he give birth?”
  • “How long do you have to wait before checking if your pregnant?”
  • “Can people actually get pregnant from second hand sperm in a pool?”
  • “How are you supposed to know if your pregnant without asking anyone?” 
  • “Does the vagina rip?”
  • “What if the poop go out instead of a baby?”
  • “Are condoms good at what they do?”
  • “Would a plastic bag work as a condom?”
  • “Can you lose a condom in a vagina?”
  • “When picking out a condom… do I go for pleasure or safety?”
  • “If you poke a hole in a condom, will it protect against some STDs and diseases?”
  • “Why does it burn when I pee?”
  • “For bisexuals, are you at higher risk of STDs?”
  • “How do you get genital warts if the other person does not have genital warts?”
  • “Can you get AIDS and other stuff from mixing your own semen and blood?”
  • “What is a condom made of? Why is sex so bad? Can you get STDs when your born?”
  • “Can you get an infection in your urethra from the feces of a female due to anal sex?”
  • “How is Magic Johnson still alive?”
  • “So I have herpes and I ejaculated in the pool yesterday does everyone that was in that pool now have herpes?”
  • “I can’t get the tampon in my vagina. Tips?”
  • “Can a girl bleed on a penis during her period?”
  • “Why are girls so bitchy when on their period? What’s a quife [sic]?”
  • “Where do you put a tampon?”
  • “What is the purpose of pubic hair?”
  • “Is it normal to have one loooooong pubic hair in the genital area?”
  • “Shave for sex?”
  • “How do you shave the hair inside your vagina?”
  • “Why is there so much vagina hair?”
  • “How do you shave ballsack?”
  • “How wide can a vagina stretch out to?”
  • “Why is the vulva attractive to males? Exactly why.”
  • “Why does it hurt to get kicked in the balls?”
  • “What is the job of the breasts. what does it do for a female body?”
  • “Whats the difference between putting a tampon, dildo and penis up a vagina?”
  • “Is it possible for a girl to take a foot into her? If you have sex while pregnant is your baby atuistic?” 
  • “Why do boys take longer to mature? Why are all high school boys idiots? Why do boys think it’s okay to declare it when they are horny? Why do boys like to pretend to hump things? Why do boys think they are dominant over girls? Why do boys love pornography? Why do boys think periods are gross? Why do boys love sex jokes? GOD THEY ARE ANNOYING.”
  • “Can I still get pregnant if we did it in the pool?”
  • “Is it true you can get pregnant through pre-cum?”
  • “If you pee right after sex, does that kill the sperm?”
  • “If he used a condom and pulled out, can i still get pregnant?”
  • “Does having sex with the same gender (girl/girl) mean you lost your virginity or does it have to be with a guy to be consider not a virgin?”
  • “Does semen die when it hits oxygen?”
  • “Is it true that if you have sex while on your period than you can’t get pregnant?”
  • “My boyfriend says he jacked off 24 hours before we had unprotected sex. Could I still get pregnant?”
  • “Can you still get pregnant if you push out the cum afterwards?”
  • “Can you get pregnant if he ejaculates while we are in a hot tub?”
  • “Do you use a condom in the shower?”
  • “Can you get pregnant if you are standing up?”
  • “My mom is extremely against me being on birth control, but my boyfriend and I will probably have sex at some point in the future. How can I (I’m 19) get birth control without her knowing?”
  • “For emergency contraception to work it needs to be used within how many days of having unprotected sex?”
  • “Can I get pregnant if I had sex and he did ejaculate, but I missed my pill?”
  • “Those little pill/tablet things in the back of a pregnancy test. Can you get pregnant if you take it? Does it act like a morning after pill or more like a pregnancy permanent thing? Is it even a pill at all?”
  • “What is one way to have sex with out getting pregnant or getting STIs or AIDS?”
  • “What is a barrier method? I’m having trouble defining the term.”
  • “How will the doctors explain my use of birth control to my parents when they see the prescription?”
  • “Is it bad to take the Plan B every time you have unprotected sex?”
  • “Is it still considered abstinence even if I am not a virgin?”
  • “Can I end my own pregnancy by falling down the stairs or drinking an herbal tea?”

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