New Moon, New Home

I’ve been on the road since the beginning of February and returned from a wonderful weekend in Chicago ready to get going on work, projects, and training. In recent years I have become increasingly interested in alternative approaches to looking at our lives. Most of these things seem to be tethered to our entertainment, but there’s always the odd aura photo reading or tarot card that will resonate.

In the interest of sharing more in a new way, here’s my last aura photo, taken at Magic Jewelry in NYC, and my New Moon horoscope. I’m not really in the place to kick back and take a spa day, but the idea of retreat and homecoming feel very close.

“Let this moon be your homecoming celebration, Pisces. You’ve been hard at work managing boundaries and learning to distinguish between escapism and necessary retreat, and for now, you can just sit back and look upon your kingdom. Book a spa day, kick your slippers and fins off, and revel in a hard-earned return home to your underwater castle.” Source


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