You’re Perfect Just The Way You Are


Humans have such an unusual relationship with food. I’ve been reading and watching a lot of things about dieting, fad diets, and the marketing and advertising associated with this industry. 

This recent interest was sparked by an ad Kim Kardashian ran for an appetite suppressant lollipop. Seeing a mother of daughters, a woman who young people follow, promote a product like that was disappointing, to say the least, but Kim Kardashian doesn’t disappoint when it comes to disappointing me.

Her social media ads may as well be the Dexatrim ads of the early 90’s.

Here are a few pieces I made with some of the Kardashian’s social media diet ads and diet ads from 90’s Glamour magazines.

And remember: It’s OK to eat! If you’re hungry, your body is telling you it needs fuel. Food is fuel, not appetite suppressing lollipops. You’re perfect just how you are.







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