June Newsletter



I really appreciate hearing your feedback about my newsletters. I’ll keep writing them!

Today is my last full day in Joshua Tree before I set off on the great Pub Ride of 2018. I will be riding a bicycle with Nate, his parents, and a group of (mostly) silver-haired badasses across much of the great European continent.

I am joining them halfway through the trip, and we’ll begin in London and end in Copenhagen. Luckily we end in Copenhagen, where I’ll be eating fried fish sandwiches, drinking Aperol spritzes and wandering the streets looking for danishes. 

I will try to post blogs and will certainly be posting to Instagram, so follow along! I will need all of your support and stories about how nice it feels to lounge on the couch reading a book on a Sunday afternoon.


Mental Health Awareness

When people in the public eye pass away, sometimes conversations start and dialogues open up about important issues many of us face. The recent news of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s suicides have done just that.

It also seems that when the mourning passes so do the conversations, and that’s when another “I never saw it coming” event transpires.

I made these necklaces to keep these conversations going. I made these so we can continue to check up on each other. So we can check our support systems and offer support. So we go about our days with kindness.

You can purchase one here and $5 from each sale will be donated to Mental Health America. And as I’m leaving this Thursday, you better get yours before I put my shop in vacation mode for the next month 😉

[personal note: I have found ways in recent years to cope with stress and anxiety in healthier ways. If you’d like some tips just let me know! Or, watch a few of the nature vids I’ve uploaded and chill out for a few minutes.]


A Few Other Things

Click through the images below to learn more. Clockwise from top left:high school boysI voted in California because of so many reasons but also because I live in a red district that looks a lot like the definition of gerrymandering, the price of happiness, and more big pharma postcard writing.


Lions and Tigers and Coyotes, Oh My!

I’ve written about this before but I’ll say it again: Getting out of NYC and allowing myself to listen to the sounds that surround me has been awesome! I recommend taking a moment to listen (and watch) these nature videos I made for you:

  1. Coyotes don’t sound like cartoons and this video has great footage of the Joshua Tree National Park. (video also below)
  2. Can’t tell if the quails are fighting or mating (I originally used ‘fucking’ instead of ‘mating’ because it just sounds better, so say it how you want)
  3. An oldie but a goodie: 37 minutes of sunset bird sounds.

Final thoughts


You’re beautiful just the way you are. 


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