Spring Has Sprung

Spring is in the air and this year that means we have a super bloom on our hands. It is stunning. Everything that is alive is in bloom and the desert is blanketed with fields of yellow and purple and green!

We’ve been getting out to see some of the flowers, though the crowds at the poppy fields in Walker Canyon were enough of a deterrent to keep it close to home and find the beauty in our backyard.

Speaking of backyards, with spring comes life and death. Some rabbits have dug a couple holes back there, and sadly we’ve had one dead baby bunny. There was also a dead bird in our tree, and another bird that was sitting on her eggs and one morning she was in tatters – feathers everywhere – and the eggs were broken.

GNOME! likes the weather but hates when birds fly into our front window and it’s been happening a lot lately. He also is going to need some doggles. The sun is so bright and his eyes are so big. And a sun bonnet. And SPF on his ear tips. So many things!

Here are some photos of spring in the desert! (some by the talented Nate Abbott)

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

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