Mutant Hummingbirds

There are so many hummingbird facts that are interesting to me. These tiny little birds hold a special place in my heart, right next to the place in my heart for my tiny little dog.

These birds are no dummies. The hummingbird brain is 4.2% of its body weight – this is the largest, in proportion, of the wild bird group – and they remember every flower & feeder they’ve been to, and how long it will take a flower to refill.

When food is scarce and they are fatigued, hummingbirds go into a hibernation-like state (also known as torpor) to conserve energy. Like when it takes too long for me to notice an empty feeder, or every night so they can sleep without feeding every ten minutes.

I bought a book about these birds at a thrift store earlier this year and stumbled upon it this week. I decided it was time to make something that doesn’t have anything to do with politics or the patriarchy, so I decided to collage the images printed in the book to make new hybrid mutant hummingbirds. All are decidedly much cuter than any other mutant I’ve seen…

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