Good Girls

A continuation of my recent portrait series, Bad Girls, here are a few Good Girls along with some new Target Practice pieces that I have up for the Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours.

The tours have been a great opportunity for me to show people that being an artist in the desert doesn’t mean you need to make work about the desert. One can certainly do that, but it’s also okay to let the time, space and surroundings this place provides manifest in other ways.

I’ve been absorbing a lot of heady talk about alternative ways of living and healing and ‘doing the work.’ Almost as if living here gives people a leg up on reaching inner peace? I think through it all and in spite of it all I’m learning to stay true to myself, even if that means remaining a little rough around the edges, and embracing the good and the bad things that ignite passion and purpose in me.

There’s one more weekend left, so you should plan to visit Nate and I and see the work we have on display at studio 92. We can talk about art or your childhood traumas, if that’s what you’re in to.

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