Every Problem has a Solution

American consumption of pharmaceuticals has seen exponential growth in recent decades. Of course, we have seen advancements in diagnostic medicine and vital treatments that have saved and improved the quality of countless lives. We can manage day to day ailments, chronic conditions, pain, mental illness and so much more by taking a tiny pill.

Big pharmaceutical companies have gained a lot of power through the trust they initially gained by curing and helping so many through their drugs, but also through the billions of dollars they made off of the people they helped. I think we’re now finally waking up to the darker sides of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in this country.

Today, if people are fortunate enough to have healthcare they can afford, they may have access to drugs that can be life saving. Sadly, even those who are insured are finding they cannot afford the medications they need. Take the current cost of insulin as an example.

I’m not here to explain to you why this is happening, but I am here to further scrutinize big pharma and the role they are playing in society today.

Any determined person will tell you ‘every problem has a solution’ and I tend to agree, but when the problem is created by the same people who will reap the rewards for solving it, one tends to question the legitimacy of this problem solving.

Pain management and the physical and mental benefits of having a satisfying sex life are important things, don’t get me wrong. But even good things can take a turn for the worse. Here I begin to explore “perfect pairings” of pharmaceutical treatments. Pairings that are unfortunately a necessity for some.

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